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Wife’s friend is a bad influence, thermostat abuse

Every time she comes over to visit my wife winds up changing the thermostat settings a dozen times

I really try to let my wife do whatever she wants. I don’t want to ever be the source of additional stress or strain in her life. When we signed on to be married to one another, I expected to be a positive force in her life. However, not all of her social associations can say the same thing. In fact, I think her best friend is a detriment to my wife’s long term happiness, our family security, and our indoor air quality. If this seems like a stretch, let me explain. You see, my wife has known her best friend for over 20 years. They come from extremely different economic backgrounds and I think that this is rarely taken into account. Every time my wife and her friend meet up there is some long discussion about indoor air quality, temperature control, and high-tech gadgets to improve indoor comfort standards. I’m as interested in new technology as the next person, but when it comes to our heating and cooling system there have to be some practical decisions. We are not extremely wealthy and we cannot afford brand new heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Our forced air furnace is 10 years old and the air conditioning unit is 15. We do our best to keep the heating and cooling implements operational, let alone trying to afford a brand new indoor air handling device. However, this doesn’t stop my wife’s best friend from constantly mentioning the indoor air temperature. Every time she comes over to visit my wife winds up changing the thermostat settings a dozen times. After her friend leaves the thermostat obsession persists. I don’t want to ban her friend from the house, but I’m tired of dealing with high energy bills and excessive wear-and-tear on the HVAC system.

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