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Client tries to convert me while I fix HVAC

I’m really not the type of person who enjoys getting into difficult conversations with people unless it’s necessary.

I am more than happy to talk about deeply personal, emotional issues as if you are somebody who I know.

If you are a stranger to me I think we should both keep our mouths shut and move on with our days. This is why I try to avoid all discussion of politics, religion, and family history with people I don’t know very well. Unfortunately, not everybody follows suit. I realized this was the case with my local heating, cooling, and ventilation technician after I made the mistake of arranging a professional HVAC repair appointment. I had no reason to think that there would be any issues with getting my air conditioning unit fixed up for the summer. Unfortunately, one of the heating and cooling technicians from the local HVAC dealership arrived at the house and started making strange comments right away. He noticed immediately that I didn’t have any crosses hanging in my house as he perused the indoor air handling devices. After that, my heating and cooling inspection became more of a personal conversion to his religion. Every time I tried to redirect his attention to my indoor air handling devices he would start quoting the bible. I couldn’t get him to concentrate on the air-conditioning issue at hand. After he finally had taken a look at my AC units and left the house with his HVAC repair tools in hand I quickly called the heating and cooling dealership to make a complaint. When the HVAC dispatcher answered the phone, however, she opened with wishing me a blessed day… apparently it’s a problem with the whole HVAC shop.

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