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Taking turns with the thermostat

When it comes to living with somebody long-term, compromise is key.

I’m sure that anybody who has been married before understands that you’re going to have to cooperate in order to survive around each other for longer than a few weeks.

When you first move in with another human, there are guaranteed to be some rocks and bumps in the road. You just have to learn to understand each other and communicate clearly about the things that are respectively bothering you. This has certainly been the face in my circumstances as I tried to compromise with my entire family over our indoor air quality control preferences during the pandemic. Our troubles began when we were locked inside together and everyone had a different opinion on ideal indoor air temperatures. My wife is always cold and she wants the indoor air temperature pretty warm. The kids want it to be freezing cold because they’re so busy running around and playing all day. They want to have the air conditioning system on nonstop. Meanwhile, I’m somewhere in between – but I definitely don’t want to be sweating through my shorts all day. Because we all have completely different opinions when it comes to operating the central cooling system and adjusting the thermostat we’ve come up with an easy solution. Each day of the week, one of us has control of the thermostat to set the air temperature however we would like. On your day, you can have any HVAC instrument working that you would prefer. Nobody can touch the thermostat and nobody can start a fight about your ideal indoor temperature. It’s saving us a lot of arguments and a lot of wear and tear on the HVAC system.


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