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Road trips are “surviving” without HVAC

When people ask me if I want to go on a road trip with him, I immediately have flashbacks to the worst vacation experience of my life. Back at the time when I went on this adventure, I genuinely considered it to be a fun and exciting thing to do. My friends said we were going to pack up the car and see how far we could get across the country. Along the way, we would stop for snacks and camping. We weren’t ever going to use a modern hotel or to stop at a regular restaurant. We simply didn’t have the cash for such amenities. Well, apparently we also didn’t have the cash for any kind of indoor air quality control in the car. We climbed into the vehicle and went off on our expedition on a hot and humid Summer morning. The outdoor air temperature was excruciatingly high that day so we were extremely happy to feel the air cold air passing through the vents in the car. The AC had to be operated at full blast every time we got back in the vehicle because the heat and mugginess were so overwhelming. Everything was going fine for the first state or two… And then the central cooling system broke down inside of the vehicle. Suddenly, lukewarm air was passing through all of the vents. Then, boiling hot air felt like it was melting our faces off as it forced its way into the vehicle. We stopped at a mechanic to see if they could repair the AC, but quickly realized that we couldn’t afford the air quality control device repair service. After that, the road trip quickly stopped seeming like a fun adventure and started feeling a lot more like surviving. When I think back to that miserable trip 20 years ago, I refuse to ever take another road trip.



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