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I feel terrible for all the HVAC units out there

I know that I can be an overly empathetic person, but I think that it is what drives my professional career.

I happen to be a highly dedicated residential heating and cooling technician for a well-respected air quality control business located downtown.

I’m really happy with my indoor air temperature technician position, but there are times that I can be overwhelmed by how many HVAC systems need my help. I can genuinely put myself in their shoes… Or should I say, in their metal containers. These days, I know that heating and cooling systems are really taking a beating around the country. Not only has global warming been increasing the prevalence of heating and cooling disasters in residential homes, but the pandemic hasn’t been helping things. Since everybody stopped going to work and school, they are living exclusively by the grace of their heating and cooling systems at home. This means, people are abusing their central air conditioning systems and furnaces more than ever before. All day long, residential HVAC devices are being put through their paces as people yank their thermostats up and down. I know that most modern HVAC systems went without a professional diagnostic or repair appointment spring due to social distancing norms. This means, there are partially broken air conditioning units desperately trying to keep up with the high demand for indoor air temperature control handed down by uncompassionate owners. I wish that I could get out there with my HVAC work truck and fix every ailing air conditioning unit in the country, but obviously I know that this is impossible. These days, I dream of broken air conditioning systems and I wish that people could be a little kinder to their enslaved ACs.

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