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Please watch your kids; they can’t be trusted with temperature control

I’m really not the sort of woman who tries to provide anyone advice about their own life. I know that almost everyone has unusual circumstances plus hard factors to deal with. Therefore, I cannot tell you what the best move is unless I have walked 10 mi in your shoes. That being said, I know a thing or two about raising children. If you want any opinions on being a good parent I can provide them to you, and furthermore, I have several years of experience working in the central heating, cooling, plus ventilation industry. My dad owned a large Heating plus A/C repair shop in neighborhood plus I have worked in the air quality control field for over 20 years now. In that time, I have observed some similar characteristics of the households with the worst indoor air quality. Many of them have a handful of children living in the house. Somehow, children seem to correlate with decreased indoor air quality plus higher utility bills. If you ask me, it’s because parents these mornings don’t provide their kids realistic rules surrounding the indoor air handling devices. I have seen more children adjusting the temperature control settings without their parents permission than I would like to describe. Somehow, it seems like children these mornings are empowered to use the a/c unit plus forced air heating systems as much as they want. There are no negative repercussions for racking up extremely high utility bills or contributing additional wear plus tear to the central Heating plus A/C system. Thanks to these brats, my task as a heating, cooling, plus ventilation specialist is easily lucrative plus secure.

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