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I thought it couldn’t get worse: from dirty to smelly homes

All last year I thought that I was living in the most irritated situation you could possibly imagine. I had signed on to be a roommate with some random people off of Craigslist in a period of complete desperation. I didn’t know these folks when I moved in and I surely would not have signed on for 6 months with them if I had any idea how disgusting they were. When I visited the apartment, it was relatively clean and I thought that everything should be fine. Then, all of the disgusting behaviors began. My roommates refused to ever clean the bedroom, wash the lavatory, or change the air filter in the central heating and cooling system. Every afternoon, nasty and dirty air was circulating through the central Heating and Air Conditioning system and pumping directly into my bedroom. I could literally see the plumes of dust emanating from the air vents whenever the central boiler or a/c kicked into gear. No matter what I did, my room was filled with dust and my lungs were super irritated. I truly thought that it could not get any worse than living with these nasty, air contaminating humans. Then, I got my current roommates. I want from a home with a completely filthy Heating and Air Conditioning system to a completely smelly Heating and Air Conditioning system. Apparently, the people I live with now are not fans of showering. I can smell their body smell every time the central cooling system starts operating and no amount of air freshener seems to make a difference. I have personally changed the air filters several times, but none of the air purification methods seem to remove their disgusting airborne smells. I am not sure which is worse, living with dirty people or such smelly people. But I can’t wait to have my own Heating and Air Conditioning system.


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