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My wifey is always thinking ahead, thank god

Be careful about who you marry, that has the best advice that anyone ever gave me.

It can be straight-forward to fall in love with somebody and start to idealize who they are.

It’s a lot more difficult to figure out their honest strengths and weaknesses and weigh them against your own. I happen to have gotten seriously lucky when I married my wifey because she is always thinking ahead, and meanwhile I’m a bit of a dote. I tend to procrastinate a lot in my life and make small complications much bigger. Thank God, my wifey is on top of her game. She’s always thinking ahead and walking numerous steps before me. This is easily helpful when it comes to our house responsibilities, which I often completely forget… Recently, she proved to me that she has to be the perfect lady once again when I realized that our central heating and cooling system had not been servicemen easily long. In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time a professional Heating and Air Conditioning professional has been out to our house. It seemed like our indoor air quality control device needed a professional inspection because I noticed that my friend and I had uneven air temperatures throughout our home. The hot and cold patches were starting to drive me crazy. That’s when I remembered that Heating and Air Conditioning inspections are an important thing my friend and I should have been doing. I genuinely thought it had been about 10 years since there was a certified Heating and Air Conditioning professional on the property. I easily started panicking because I knew that it wasn’t a enjoyable time for a stranger, let alone a residential Heating and Air Conditioning professional to be introducing germs to the house. I mentioned the heating and cooling disaster to my wifey who simply chuckled in my face. She shook her head and told me that she had been arranging the Heating and Air Conditioning appointments for the past decade.


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