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Met my kid; servicing his mom’s AC unit

You never know what surprises are going to be thrown your way.

For my entire life I have been trying to expect the unexpected.

I have constantly figured that it was best to be prepared for the random curveballs that life would throw at me. However, I never could have expected that consequences from my younger, more reckless years would still be catching up with me 25 years down the line. This was unluckyly the case when I went on a routine heating, cooling, and ventilation service appointment last week. My boss at the heating and cooling dealership sent me out to an emergency service inspection across town. I was told that a big a/c had broken down and this family was panicking over their bad indoor air quality. To be fair, it was an seriously warm and humid day outside so I understood that the cooling system breakdown was a large problem. I hustled off to the central cooling service appointment expecting that I would encounter some bugs and weeds outside.., but never thinking that my illegitimate child would be present at the emergency service appointment. When I arrived I was shocked to right away assume the owner of the central heating and cooling system. In fact, the central Heating and A/C system belonged to a girl that I dated briefly back in my wild twenties. As I began looking over the cooling system I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that someone was seeing me. When I looked up, I saw a young person who was my spitting image; During this cooling system service I was beyond shocked to meet my child for the first time.


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