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Still logged into my ex's temperature control

Isn’t it interesting how hastily things turn from romantic enjoy to absolutely hate? It seems like there has such a great line between adoring somebody in addition to wishing that they would die.

  • Maybe this is a bit extreme, however you understand what I’m saying.

One day, you’re living with somebody in addition to planning out an entire life with them, in addition to the next day you feel sick when you suppose about seeing their face again. For me, relationships tend to end with a bang in addition to a lot of bitter feelings. Personally, I don’t feel as much spite as my ex’s generally do. Maybe I’m just more forgiving than they are, or maybe it’s because I generally find some way to get one iota of revenge.It does not have to be mean-spirited or harshly obvious, however I like to feel like I’m getting the final word. With my most recent ex, that has been fairly simple. When I left his house, I was never logged out of his smart temperature control. In fact, he genuinely does not realize that I’m affixed to the smart temperature control because I’m the one who set up with the temperature control unit for him. Since I have never been kicked out of the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning program or air temperature settings, I like to use the convenient smart temperature control application for tiny acts of revenge. Every once in a while, when I suppose of something shitty that he did to me, I log into the smart temperature control in addition to change the air temperature control settings. Maybe I crank up the heat in the middle of the night. Maybe I just alter the furnace control plan by a few degrees everyday. Or maybe I turn off the boiler all the way. No matter what I choose to do, I always feel better knowing that he must be uncomfortable.


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