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If I lose my task, I will go back to university

For several months now, I feel like I’ve been residing in a continually busy out State.

Everyday it seems like there is not enough time for me to get everything done that I need to accomplish.

I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head split off, trying to receive enough money to survive under these unexpected and hard circumstances. I’ve been fairly panicked about my task situation, and continually on the lookout for a new position to help fill my bank account; You see, things have been quite unstable at my task for a while now. It’s been unclear if I was going to continue having a task or if the business doors were going to close entirely. Recently, I’ve decided that I should stop panicking so much about the option of losing this position. First of all, I don’t even cherish it that much. Second of all, if I do get fired, I’ll simply go back to university. This time, when I leave I will be a certified heating, cooling, and ventilation specialists. Rather than investing in another useless degree, I would like to attend to trade university and obtain my professional ventilation specialist certification. Within 18 to 24 months I would be prepared to jump straight into the Heating and Air Conditioning industry. I could be performing routine in a service appointments and detailed Heating and Air Conditioning installations within only a couple of years. There’s no doubt, in the Heating and Air Conditioning field, I would always have a task with high demand. Besides, I guess I would love working alone rather than trying to collaborate with these clowns all the time.



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