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“zoo” means we have air purifiers

The other day at work people were talking about car mishaps and expenses.

Somebody assertively stated that they never swerved to miss squirrels if they run on the road.

Most people in the room agreed with the statement, but I certainly didn’t. They talked about what a waste of space squirrels were and I was aghast. At that point, I had to chime up and say that I had several pet squirrels growing up. You see, when I was growing up we had the designated Animal Sanctuary in the neighborhood. We were constantly bringing an injured and abandoned animals. It was a really fun childhood for me, but I bet it was a disaster for my poor mother. When I think about all of the cleaning that she had to do to keep up with the dog hair and dander floating through the air, I shudder and pray for my HVAC system. I can’t imagine how strenuous it was for our central heating and cooling system to keep up with the amount of pet hair in the air. If my mom was doing things properly, she must have changed our air filter every two weeks. We had so many assorted pets running around that the air often smelled of animals and you could literally see the dust bunnies riding the air currents around the room. Our HVAC struggled often. It definitely wasn’t the best air quality control or most efficient air temperature control in our house. It’s hard to say whether the pets or the awful HVAC system came first. I remember our central heating and cooling system breaking down several times as a child; as an adult I can understand why.