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Sunroom needs heating

When I moved to the South I expected that I would never be cold again. I grew up in Northern Illinois and had been pretty accustomed to miserably cold weather for half of the year. Moving down to the South, I laughed when I thought of winter time. The winter season here barely gets down to 40 degrees and it rarely snows. In my book, that doesn’t constitute winter at all. It’s more like a prolonged springtime. I was so excited to live somewhere that it was warm. I expected that I never have to see a traditional forced air furnace again… but I completely forgot about the sunroom attached to my house. When I purchased this home, one of the major selling points was the sunroom attached to the back. I love the idea of sitting in a four season room with a great view of the backyard. I wanted to set up my office in this breezy, fresh and beautiful outdoor feature. The only problem was, in the summer the sun room heated up to about a hundred degrees every afternoon. I had installed a small AC window unit to combat this issue, but it only helped so much. Once winter started to settle in, I realized that the sunroom was actually way too cold to utilize. I hadn’t considered needing to buy a heater for any part of my house. I certainly hadn’t thought of the burning hot sun room needing extra heat. I don’t want to leave the room unoccupied for the next six months, so I will be calling out my trusted HVAC technician for help with my heating problem. Hopefully we can install a simple satellite heating system to make my sunroom toasty warm all winter long.



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