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A close-knit christmas, forced to be around the fireplace when furnace dies

I’m not exactly what you would describe as a touchy type, but i like my personal space whether we are in a conversation or in a passionate relationship.

I’m a fan of being alone and having plenty of room to myself.

I’m not easily the type who enjoys going to new places or being in giant crowds. I’m honestly not the sort to go to a celebration alone or engage in conversation with random strangers, and hell, half the time when I’m at a celebration with my best friends I get overwhelmed and then leave without saying anything; That’s why I, it was a bit overwhelming when I agreed to go to my new guy’s family celebration and the Heating and Air Conditioning system broke in the middle of dinner. It all started when someone asked if there was a draft coming in the house, apparently, they were feeling uneven sizzling and cold temperatures at that end of the table and hypothesized that a window had been cracked anywhere in the house. After that, we started noticing that the indoor temperature was declining minute by minute; My guy’s parents got up and examined the central thermostats, only to find that the heating system was not responding to any temperature adjustments. Clearly, there was an issue with the heating system. It got colder and colder as we try to adore the rest of the evening gathered around a small wood burning fireplace. My friend and I were basically cheek to cheek. There was no other option because unfortunately, we were staying at his parents home that evening, despite the close-quarters gathered around the fireplace with strangers, we could not leave the holiday festival to seek indoor air temperature control elsewhere; By the time it was all said and done, I was ready for weeks of alone time at property with my laboring heating and cooling system.

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