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Realized my nice friend and I don’t have ducts to that room – mini split system

When my nice friend and I first moved into our current house my nice friend and I were unsure what to do with all of the family rooms.

There were three official family rooms and an additional room that could be used as another spare if my nice friend and I wanted.

At first, my nice friend and I were not sure if my nice friend and I would use it as another guest room oh, so it sat vacant. After a few weeks, however, my nice friend and I decided it was time to try to build a family room in the extra room. My buddy and I moved in all of our desks and laptop component and set up a nice little work space in the room. Everything went pretty definitely until the afternoon that I absolutely tried to work in our current office. I immediately realized how ungodly uncomfortable it felt in that room. I never had spent much time in that space, because it was basically used for storage! Now that I was resting there on a laptop it was clear that the Heating as well as A/C system was not operating appropriately. There is barely any fresh flowing air into the room, and with the sunlight pounding into the windows, the room was getting hot and stagnant easily suddenly. I couldn’t figure out why there was no a/c passing into the space until I took a nice look around. That’s when I realized there absolutely were no air vents in the entire room. I guess my nice friend and I had never noticed the lack of air vents with all of our belongings stored in this space. Now, it was quite clear that there was a major Heating and Cooling problem. I called outdoor Heating as well as A/C professional and asked about extending the ductworks to operate in the current office. However, are Heating as well as A/C repairman told us it was a better idea to install a mini split ductless heating and cooling system. The system was straight-forward to install and affordable, so my nice friend and I proceeded with the cooling replacement. With our air quality issue finally under our belts I can finally use our current family room.



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