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Fresh air – inefficient when you open windows

Every morning I like to roll out of bed as well as jump straight into the car; I drive about 10 minutes to a local state park where I like to hike to start my morning, this practice sounds stressful as well as strenuous to some people, however it’s the most grounding activity in my life.

  • I cherish getting outside as well as being surrounded by Mother Nature.

I do my best thinking when I’m moving on my feet. Most of all, I cherish the odor as well as feel of fresh air against my skin first thing in the morning.There is nothing as revitalizing is taking in a deep lung full of fresh as well as clean air, and unluckyly, this is not a sensation that I can recreate in my home. If there was potential retrieving the same sense of peace as well as calm without leaving my apartment in the morning, blatantly I would take advantage, however, I find that my indoor air can never feel as fresh as well as clean as the wooded air at the park, and even if my air conditioner was recently inspected by a professional Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C serviceman, the air quality is never as attractive as it feels outside. I have tried installing Hi-Tech air filters, air purification devices, as well as standard old box fans. However, nothing has recreated the attractive sensation of fresh breezes on an early morning hike. Even when I open my windows to let some fresh air inside, as well as unimpressed with the results. If someone could develop a fresh air conditioning device, it would change my life. I would entirely line up to be the first person to purchase the clean as well as refreshing indoor air component for myself.


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