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Seal up that apartment – new insulation above as well as below

I’ll do anything for my best friends.

I cherish them more than anything on Earth, as well as I would drop everything if they ever needed me. I want to help them in any way that I possibly can, and recently, one of my friends ran into some financial problems as well as has been struggling ever since. I’m not personally in a financial situation where I can supplement her income, but I did want to help her with some of the stress, and she said she’s so broke that she can’t even afford to run her air conditioning component this summer, as well as I can’t stand for that. She lives in an area of the country where it is consistently tepid as well as humid everyday for many months on end. I did not know it was even possible for her to survive the Summer heat without a laboring air conditioning unit, so I packed up as well as went over to her house. As I examined her Central cooling system, it became clear that the AC component needed a professional service appointment. I found a fantastic discount coupon as well as loaned her the money for a cooling specialist to come out as well as take a look around. The Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C serviceman was harshly honest, as well as told us that the AC component was unquestionably laboring pretty well. Her problem was the lack of insulation in the house. Running the AC component was ineffective because the cool air floated straight outside oh, so she was perpetually operating her cooling system as well as racking up costly energy bills, however for the next several days, she as well as I switched gears as well as diagnosed improving the insulation in her little home. Thanks to our insulation efforts, I’m delighted to report she has survived her tepid Summer as well as cool financial situation.

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