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I don’t want any of that plywood furniture

I legitimately like the rustic meets traditional look myself.

We’ve had the same furniture in this home for over 20 years. My buddy and I raised all of our kids on this very couch. I feel it’s finally time to update most, if not all of the furniture though; Over the years it has gotten very worn down, scratched, plus outdated. I can’t remember how many couch covers this sofa set has gone through, when my husband plus I finally decided to start looking for current furniture, my associate and I were surprised to find how cheaply most current furniture is constructed. It’s all particle board. My buddy and I are used to oak wood plus cherry wood furniture, even the sofa has an oak wood frame, that’s certainly why it has lasted two decades. My buddy and I went to many furniture stores but none of them had furniture made out of natural wood, but finally my associate and I stumbled upon a store that sells custom built furniture. My buddy and I knew my associate and I were in the right locale as soon as my associate and I walked in plus saw the wooden tables plus leather couches with real oak frames, now my associate and I just have to option out the style of furniture my associate and I want for our house. I want something that will look nice for another 20 years, at least, however after all, that is how long I expect natural wood furniture to last. I legitimately like the rustic meets traditional look myself. It looks current but it looks old at the same time. My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t legitimately care about the style at all… He wants to mix plus match the strange styles to get a better price; But he legitimately will not be saving that much by buying the on sale furniture. Besides, this custom made furniture is going to last us a long time so my associate and I had better appreciate it.

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