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Our Old Truck Doesn’t Have AC

My spouse as well as I live in the middle of nowhere, but my pal and I are ranches, as well as my enjoyable friend and I own over four hundred acres of land; I would not trade my life for anything. My spouse as well as I labor together all day every day doing what my enjoyable friend and I love to do. My pal and I are not as young as well as spry as my enjoyable friend and I once were, so it has been quite a challenge keeping up with all the labor of the ranch, but our two sons help us a lot, as well as my enjoyable friend and I truly love it. My pal and I only have two labor trucks. One of them is a relatively new vehicle that I usually drive, as well as the other one is an old clunker that my spouse drives around the property; Sadly, I hit a deer with my new truck last week, so I have had to drive the old clunker that does not have a/c, then when I was younger, I did not care if the vehicle that I drove had a/c or not, but now that I am older, I absolutely do care! I feel like freezing the snowman in the middle of a desert when I drive that old truck throughout the day. My spouse is a good mechanic, so he is trying his best to get my truck fixed as soon as possible! There is a lot to maintenance though, as well as he is waiting on a few parts to come in. I cannot wait to have my truck back with its glorious a/c, then until that time, I wired a fan as well as ran it to the ceiling of the truck so that I could have constant air blowing on me during the day. It has helped a lot, but it is nothing like having a/c.

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