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An Air Conditioner for my Birthday

My husband plus I have only been married for about seven months.

I appreciate married life so much! I would not trade it for the world. I know that my associate and I are still in the “honeymoon phase”, although I cannot get over how sweet my husband is; He knows that my appreciate language is “gift receiving”, so he brings me home something special at least once a week. My husband works a lot, so evenings are the only times that my associate and I get to spend together. My friend and I usually just lie in bed plus study together or watch one of our favorite shows. Since the weather has gotten warmer here, I have not been enjoying our evening cuddles plus hangouts in bed as much as I used to. It is so hot in our home office. My husband grew up separate from ever having a/c, so he could care less if it is hot in the room or not. I grew up constantly have a/c, so I have trouble sleeping plus even getting comfortable in a hot home office. My friend and I have a/c throughout the entire first floor of our home, but the second floor where our home office is does not have a/c. My husband surprised me with an early birthday party a couple of afternoons ago, plus once the party was over, my associate and I headed to bed, plus to my surprise, the room was nice plus cool. He bought us an a/c for our home office, plus I could not be more thankful; Although he got me a few other cute things, I think, the a/c is my favorite gift.



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