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Wishing I Had an Air Conditioner

Family trips are not constantly all that they are cracked up to be, but with my family, they are constantly something special.

They are so much fun! To be honest, my family is often too much for some people.

I know I am used to how absurd they are, so it does not bother me. My friend and I take family trips about once every two years, plus this year was a trip year. This year’s trip was quite interesting. My friend and I rented a big condo with multiple rooms, plus the entire family stayed together. There was no fighting or anything, but the weather was so hot that a lot of the trip was spent indoors. I can remember one morning that I was at the beach, plus I was literally morningdreaming about having an a/c at the beach. I know it sounds crazy, although I was trying to figure out how to run an extension cord from a generator in the motorcar to the beach so that I could have a/c. This morningdream lasted for about fifteen minutes before my cousin interrupted plus asked what I was thinking. When I told him that I was morningdreaming about having a/c at the beach, he laughed hysterically at me. Everyone was dying of heat when my morningdream was interrupted, so my associate and I ended up going back to the condo to get some nice, needed a/c. My friend and I ended up only going to the beach two more times although my associate and I planned to go more. It was just too hot outside to even be in the water. My friend and I ended up having a lot of fun plus wonderful times in the condo though.

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