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AC Issues on Anniversary Trip

My partner plus I have been married for over twenty years now, plus I just cannot know how hastily time flies by.

I feel like it was yepterday that my associate and I said “I do” plus were wed. My associate and I try to do something special each year for our anniversary, but it does not always happen. My associate and I had a whole, nice trip planned out last year, but in the last minutes there was an emergency at my partner’s task, plus he had to work on the day of our anniversary. My associate and I were sort of bummed at first, but my associate and I decided to make up for it this year. My associate and I rented a beach apartment for an entire week. It was a private beach, so it would just be the two of us. My associate and I were so excited! My associate and I got to the apartment just to find out that there was no air conditioner. I did not even believe to look at the website to see if the apartment had air conditioner. I just assumed that since it was in a sizzling temperature, there would be air conditioner. My associate and I called the owner of the apartment up plus asked him if he had any spare window units that my associate and I could use while my associate and I were staying at the house. He said that he did have one, but my associate and I had to spend money an extra $150 to use it. My partner plus I were appalled by his price, so my associate and I decided to go plus bought a window unit ourselves. My associate and I knew that my associate and I could use it in our family room once my associate and I got home, so it was absolutely worth the currency. My associate and I did not let our air conditioner troubles ruin our trip. My associate and I had so much fun, plus the one cooling system kept the entire beach apartment cool.


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