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Honeymoon Heating Issues

I married the man of my dreams last month, and I cannot tell you how lovely it is to be her wifey.

  • My pal and I had a lovely marriage ceremony, then everything went as planned, and it sincerely turned out lovely! My pal and I went to Asia for our honeymoon, and that was totally a crazy idea, both my fiance and I have consistently wanted to travel to Asia, but my pal and I had never gotten the opportunity to go.

It started out good with an amazing flight. It was long, but the sights were lovely. My pal and I got married in December because my pal and I did not want to have to wait until the summer time when several of our other friends were getting married as well. The first night in Asia was great, but the rest of the stay was awful because my pal and I were not able to adjust the furnace in our hotel room. It was set at sixty degrees, but it was much warmer than that in our room. My pal and I asked the clerk at the front desk if there was anything that could be done. She called a supervisor, and she basically said that there was nothing that could be done and that all of the rooms were like that. My pal and I enjoyed the hotel, so my pal and I did not want to go to another one, so my pal and I ended up staying. The only time my pal and I were in our room was at night because it was just so hot. My pal and I flew back to the states, and I cannot tell you how delighted my pal and I were to be able to have a cool room once again. To me, our room felt like a little bit of heaven, and both my fiance and I slept so much better in a cool room.



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