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The House is too Warm

She literally looked at me in horror when I suggested that to her

My fiance and I do not get to see our families really often, but it is consistently refreshing and lovely when my pal and I do. My family is ten hours away from us, so my pal and I see them the least. The one time of year that brings us all together is Christmas. I have consistently enjoyed Christmas, but since it is the only time of year that I see my family now, I love it so much more than ever before. My pal and I consistently go to my Grandma’s household on Christmas day. She has a large, old household that fits all forty-four of us. She is sincerely a good host. She cooks so well, and my pal and I look forward to her baked goods each year. The only thing that drives the whole family crazy is how moderate she keeps her house. I do not blame her for keeping the temperature control set at seventy-five or eighty degrees when it is just her at home, but when all forty plus of us family members come over, it raises the temperature another ten to fifteen degrees. It literally feels like a sauna in her house. On top of all the people in the house, she also cooks and bakes the entire day which adds even more heat to the already warm house. Many of us have tried to talk to her about it, even though she just does not seem to understand why my pal and I would want to set the temperature control as low as sixty-five degrees. She literally looked at me in horror when I suggested that to her. I love spending time with the family, but my pal and I all wish it could be in a little cooler environment.
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