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I Had My Furnace Serviced Late

The weather dropped several weeks ago and I was forced to turn my AC system off and fire up my furnace for the first time in months.

I hadn’t been paying attention to the weather so I wasn’t expecting the decrease in temperature.

There was no time for me to call an HVAC technician to come service the furnace before turning it on, but I prayed that it would heat my house without any issues. Thankfully, it ran really well and my house remained nice and cozy. The bad thing though, was that since my house was nice and snug, I kept forgetting to call the HVAC company to hire an HVAC technician. There were no heating issues to remind me! Last weekend though, I finally had a chance to relax and cross things off of my to-do list. At the top of my list was calling an HVAC technician. Lucky for me, a lot of the homes in my area had already had their furnaces serviced before the cooler weather so there was no wait list. An HVAC technician was able to service my furnace that afternoon. After he was done inspecting everything, he confirmed that my furnace was running efficiently and that he didn’t notice any concerns. He was glad that I called him even though my furnace was running smoothly. According to him, a lot of homeowners refused to call when their HVAC systems were running smoothly because they didn’t think there were any issues. However, this is when things could get out of control.

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