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Coldest day in 2 years

My town recently experienced the coldest day we have had in over 2 years.

With temperatures in the low 30s, everyone was losing their minds. Not to mention that most of the people that live here have never experienced temperatures this low, but it is likely that many of them did not even have the appropriate outerwear for such cold temperatures. Another problem the community faced was that many of the older homes were not equipped with proper heating systems. There are only a few places in this region that have the knowledge to repair a heating system. With such a tropical climate, there is no need for heating system repair shops. Many people only have experience in repairing air conditioners. When people found out that the temperatures were soon to plummet, they all checked to make sure that their heating systems were up to date and in working order. The few people in the area who knew how to repair heating system were extremely busy for the past few days. I did not think that one night of freezing temperatures would have such an effect on the internal temperature of my house. I was wrong about that. Around midnight, my house was 50 degrees inside. I decided I would turn the space heater on in my bedroom while I slept. I know that this is a dangerous thing to do, but I did not have a choice. My house was not well insulated nor do I have central heating or cooling. I was able to survive for one night with the space heater, and the next night the temperatures were back to a comfortable temperature.