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Troubling Monday with a broken windshield and HVAC system

Mondays are the absolute worst.

I truly hate Mondays.

It seems like whenever something bad happens I just blame the fact that it’s Monday. That is the only way that it makes myself feel better. I woke up with a big crack in my windshield this morning. That was not fun to deal with. I was nervous the windshield would break on me all day long. Then when I got home I found that my HVAC system was no longer working. Today was an extremely chilly day. It was so cold outside I felt the need to turn my heat on in side. However when I went to go turn my HVAC system on the heat will not start. I even walked away for a little bit assuming that maybe it was warming up. However no warm air ever came out of my air vents. That was just the icing on top of the cake that day. So many things were broken. So I had to call my insurance company for my windshield. I also had to call my local HVAC company for my HVAC system. I had to schedule two different appointments to get two different things fixed that day. All I could see in my head was money going down the drain. I hope that next Monday will be better. I also hope that my heat and windshield will be fixed very soon. At least with my windshield they can go anywhere to fix it. They could come to my work even. However in order to fix my HVAC system I have to be home for the HVAC technician to come look at the HVAC system.

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