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Cleaning the pollen build up within my air ducts

The pollen that had been ending up on my car this year is crazy. I come outside in the morning and it looks like a blanket of pollen is covering my car. I constantly have to keep cleaning it as well. I have even noticed it getting into my houses somehow. I noticed it when I am dusty which I feel like I do more frequently. We do run the air conditioning so I thought that maybe it was coming right from the air vents. I looked and they were covered with the pollen as well. I think that means it was time to change my air filter. However, that also means that I really need to clean out those air ducts. I could not believe how dirty they were. That is also probably why I am finding so much pollen within my home there. I called my local HVAC company to make an appointment to have my air ducts cleaned. I could have attempted this myself, however I know they can do a much better job than I can. They do this all of the time so I feel confident that they will clean the air ducts more thoroughly. I need all of that pollen, dirt and dust build up within the air ducts there gone completely. I am also hoping after this, that I will have to clean my house a lot less often. If you find that you are cleaning your house a lot, check the air ducts. That was the first thing I did and I believe I had found the solution to the problem.