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Burning house- space heating system accident

One chilly afternoon in the middle of the winter, I heard a story of a young boy who accidentally burned his parents home down while misusing a space heater. The boy wanted to warm up his tree home with a space heater. While his parents were at work, he ran a long extension cord to the tree home outside. Without thinking about the danger of leaving the space heating system running overnight, he went to sleep at his normal bedtime. Around 11 pm, he was woken by the sound of fire trucks in front of his house. He completely forgot that he had left the space heating system in the treehome overnight. The moment he heard the fire trucks, he knew what he had done. The fire spread quickly. There were no injuries due to this accident, but, the back side of the home & the backyard were burned beyond repair. They decided to take the insurance money for the home & find another place to live. The young boy learned a valuable lesson this afternoon. He knew to never use a space heating system without his parents supervision or permission. The boy was never blamed for this tragedy, despite the fact that he knew deep down that it was his fault. His parents never placed the blame on him, despite the fact that he constantly blamed himself. With a new home & a new lesson learned, the young boy decided to tell his friends of the dangers of misusing a space heating system in a treehouse. Although it seems like a fun thing to do, it is entirely dangerous.


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