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My sister the HVAC specialist likes to tell us stories

I particularly do not like living with my sister.

My associate and I both still live at our moms house.

There are just so many things that annoy me about him. The one thing is how she talks about HVAC system!s all the time. She is an HVAC specialist so that is why she is consistently talking about HVAC systems. It seems like she never has anything else to talk about. She consistently discusses what her challenge was that day or whatever. The one time she had really told us a story about a mouse. This lady has a mice concern at her home. They needed to get rid of them but she did not want too. However, the mice kept chewing through the wires! Some would even just die within her HVAC ducts. It was causing her entire home to smell like the dead mouse. She did not mind it though I guess. Since the mice were chewing through the wires, she had to keep calling the HVAC contractor to come back to her home to fix the chewed through wires. I think my sister has had quite enough of this lady already. Her dwelling was not even really nice to be in. To be fair it was quite trashy. So, overall sometimes it is not your HVAC system that is the problem. There could be outside forces causes your HVAC system to break down frequently. Make sure you check all the possibilities. If there is anything fantastic that comes from my sister, it is him telling us stories. I truly learn a lot and it will be useful to me in the future sometime for sure,