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Hiding the ugly AC

One thing that bothers me about my bedroom is that there is an ugly window unit air conditioner in the middle of the room.

The window unit air conditioner is necessary in the region where I live.

Most days, it stays on all day and all night as it is the only cooling device in the back part of the house. I notice that when it is turned off for a few hours the room gets hot and stuffy. Not only does the bedroom begin to warm up, but the hallway and bathrooms get stuffy as well. I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but the window unit air conditioner is loud and ugly and sometimes, I just want to hear silence and not have to look at the ugly thing. I decided today that I am going to purchase some curtains for the large, eastern facing windows in the bedroom. I think that this will prevent the sun from beating down in the back of the house as well as provide some coverage for the ugly cooling system. I would like the curtains to be white with little transparency. I think this will allow the room to cool off and stay cool white The window unit air conditioner takes some time off and hides behind the curtain. It hasn’t bothered me much, up until now. We are in the middle of the summer season and the noise from the A/C has been bothering me throughout the day. Sometimes, I just want to hear nothing.

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