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Broken AC causing algae in my fish tank

I did not think it was possible for the inside of my house to get so warm that it would cause a spike in temperature inside my fish tank.

One day when I returned from work, I noticed that my house was very warm.

Usually, before I leave for work, I make sure my thermostat is set to 75 degrees. There is nobody else at my house during the day, so it doesn’t make sense to run the AC while I am away at work all day. On this particular day, I noticed that something wasn’t right the moment I walked in the door. The inside of my house was muggy and hot. I could tell the AC had not kicked on all day. I did not worry too much because the weather had been perfect that week. I waited until the following morning to contact my landlord. The HVAC technician was not able to help with the problem until the following week. I had places I could stay until the repair, but I was beginning to worry about my fish tank. The warm air in the house had caused an algae bloom to take over my tank. The water was starting to fog up and turn green to the point where I could not see my fish! I called the fish store to see if there was anything I could to do prevent the bloom. I shut the window that was near the tank, and that seemed to help a little bit.


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