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My Air Conditioner Needed Replaced

My air conditioner has been on the brink of dying for the past 2 years.

I was hiring an HVAC technician to come service my HVAC system biannually, but I got tired of hearing the same thing.

He would always tell me that it was time to purchase a new air conditioning unit because the one I had was inefficient and old. I understood his reasoning, but I wasn’t ready to purchase a new air conditioner. For starters, I didn’t have the funds. I would have had to drain my checking account in order to purchase a new air conditioner and have it installed by a professional. Secondly, I didn’t think my air conditioner was running that bad. My energy bills were a little high, but nothing astronomical. I also didn’t think it took long to cool my house after setting my thermostat. Needless to say, I was in no rush to purchase a new air conditioner just because the HVAC technician was telling me to. I love the HVAC company I hire, but I understand that they’re running a business and they want me to buy a new air conditioner from them. I wasn’t going to throw away a good air conditioner before it was ready to go. When I finally noticed that my air conditioner was taking longer to cool my home and my energy bills were rising steadily, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the new air conditioner. I’m glad I waited until I was ready. There was no sense in rushing.
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