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I Didn’t Realize It Would Be So Cold

I live in the south with my husband and daughter.

  • My husband is originally from this area, which is why we decided to call this place home once we got married.

Originally, I spent all my life up north, and I hated every second of the cold, bitter winters. I was thrilled to move down south where the weather was always warm and it hardly ever snowed. When I traveled up north to visit my parents last weekend, I overestimated how warm it would be. Down south where I live, the temperatures hover around 75 degrees each day. I assumed the temperature would be roughly the same, if not, a little chillier. However, as soon as I stepped off the plane and felt that icy chill, I knew I’d made a horrible mistake about the weather. When I looked at my weather app, it told me that the temperature was currently 40 degrees and the high would only reach 50 degrees! When I finally made it to my parent’s house where I’d be staying for the next week, I couldn’t believe how cold it felt inside. I asked them why their furnace wasn’t running, but they told me it was! I couldn’t feel any heat, so I didn’t believe them! I went over to their thermostat and sure enough, it said the heat was on. In order to warm up, I went into my suitcase and put on the warmest clothes I had. Then, I sat down and ordered some more warm clothes in order to get through the chilly week!

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