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I Bought a Window A/C Unit

When I moved in with my sibling, I was given one of the spare family rooms to live in.

I was eternally grateful for the hospitality while I got back on my feet.

The room is beautiful and I cherish it, however there was one thing it was lacking. For some reason that neither my sibling or I can explain, the room I’m staying in is warmer than the rest of the house. We ran tests on the air vents and had the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system ran tests on, however without fail, that room was always warmer. I didn’t want to put my sibling out by asking for anything, so I decided to go and find a window A/C unit. I asked him if she was okay with me installing the window A/C unit before I brought it home, however thankfully she was good with it. I went to a local box store in neighborhood and found the heat and air aisle. Within that aisle, there were many window A/C units to choose from. I found one that was quick and easy to install, it had many fan speeds, 3 cooling modes, a 24 hour timer, a night mode, and a remote. For the price and all the features it included, I thought this was the best window A/C unit to choose. Tploy to its word, it was quick and easy to install and I didn’t have any issue setting it up. The window A/C unit has kept me cool during my room and it was really affordable.

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