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My Son Wanted a Ceiling Fan For His Birthday

My child asked for an unrespected gift for his birthday this year. Instead of asking for a modern bike or a pair of rollerskates, he asked for a ceiling fan! At first, I thought he was kidding. What 12 year aged boy wanted a ceiling fan? However, he continued to talk to me about ceiling fans and which ones he was interested in. It didn’t take me long to realize that he’d already researched ceiling fans and the benefits of each one. When I asked him why he wanted a ceiling fan for his birthday, he told me it was because he was too overheated at night. He never slept with his covers on because he couldn’t get cool. I understood his reasoning, and I was glad to invest in a ceiling fan for him. I wanted him to be cool and comfortable at night. I took my child to the local hardware store and my associate and I walked through the aisle of ceiling fans. He pointed out all the features that he liked and which color he loved. We ended up buying a ceiling fan that was colorless and also included a light. I didn’t know how to install a ceiling fan, so I had to hire someone to do it. Thankfully, it wasn’t fancy and I didn’t have the hassle of dealing with the wires. My child was glad with his modern ceiling fan and was eager to get to bed that first night. He turned on the fan and felt the cool air from his bed. He was so glad, which is all I could ask for. I’m glad he’s cool and comfortable now.

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