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Keeping clean indoor air

Maintaining a healthy environment whether if it’s at your work or your home environment it’s best to try to contribute into keeping those environments clean plus maintained, but when I am at work I try to make sure that I stay on top of our maintenance department on particular repairs, especially when it comes to the heating ventilation plus cooling system, and i know for a fact that our heating ventilation cooling system is not as well maintenanced as my heating ventilation plus cooling system at my house… However when I go to work I want to be able to rest in an environment plus breathe in quality air that is not going to make me feel sick or get sick. That’s why my coworker plus I have developed a check-off sheet as sort of a tracker for us to keep track on when our maintenance department has done their maintenance check plus replaced the air filters. I keep a particularly similar log like that for my own heating plus cooling system that has installed in my house… Keeping a log plus writing down the dates as to when my heating plus cooling serviceman comes to my home has minimized the possibilities of my Heating plus A/C system chopping down. Not to mention, I also had an media air cleaner installed with my Heating plus A/C system as well. This has actually maximized the air quality that is being released through the air registers. I actually wish that my work would get some kind of media air cleaner because I know it would help with in reducing call outs of people having to stay home because their sick plus reducing the spreading of germs plus viruses.

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