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Hearing a fan in my laptop

I am always busy everyday.

Whether it is going to work or dropping my kids off at school, picking them up from school activities or driving them to their sport practices.

You could say that I am a very busy mom. Not to mention I am always busy on the computer for work. A lot of my work that I do from my office and home is from my desktop and my laptop. Recently I was on my laptop at home to do some extra work since I didn’t finish the work that I had to do at the office. I was on my laptop for a few hours with many tabs open. I was typing away, emailing people and doing a lot of Excel sheets. All of a sudden I heard my computer make a weird noise. It sounded like a fan was kicking on. I didn’t realize that there was a fan in my laptop. I googled it to see if it was a serious problem. The sound of the fan just meant that my computer needed to be cooled down. When my computer reaches a certain temperature the fan will kick on to cool the internal temperature of my laptop down. This sounded like my heating and cooling system in my home. When my thermostat reaches a certain temperature, my heater or air conditioner will turn on. I thought that this was pretty cool how my laptop had cooling needs by a fan and not through an extensive HVAC system like my home.
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