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Beating fall allergies by checking HVAC system

Worst time that I have allergies is in the fall.

Every time that I go to the doctors it seems like they cannot figure out what I am allergic to. I have a feeling that I am allergic to ragweed. This is because I live right near a field where they do hay and the field is full of wildflowers and ragweed. Just this past weekend I spent my entire Saturday and Sunday indoors congested and stuffed up. To help with my allergies and get my mind off of how clogged I was, I decided to vacuum and dust my entire home. I have been told by my HVAC technician that by keeping up with cleaning my home, it will allow my HVAC system to run more smoothly and effectively. My HVAC technician said that he just recently went to a client’s home where they had four dogs and six cats living inside. When he walked in there he wanted to run out of the home as his client’s home was so dirty and there was a rancid smell. When he went to go clean their HVAC system he found so much dust and dander in their air filter that he couldn’t even use their reusable air filter. He told the owners that due to the excessive particles in their HVAC system, if he rinsed off the air filter it would still be too dirty to use. They were annoyed with him as the did not want to spend fifteen dollars on a new air filter. By giving professional HVAC advice, the owners in that house did not listen to him and continued using their dirty animal hair clogged air filter.


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