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Keeping things away from ducts

I stay at home with my children. It is nice stay home with them so I can teach them their basic learning abilities before they go into pre-kindergarten. When I first had my child I did not want to stay home, I was going to spend my money my younger sister to watch him, but decided that it was best for me to stay home plus take care of him myself. I also heard that parents who stay at home with their children, they can be more stretchy to learning plus have better attitudes… My youngest child is 2 years outdated plus he enjoys to play on the floor! Periodically his toys are everywhere plus they get a little overwhelming; One day he had a few of his toys near the vent, his one toy was really on the vent, however his toys are plastic plus when I went to pick it up it was genuinely warm. I was afraid that the air register plus the warm heat coming out of it was going to catch my sons toy on fire. Another day when he was playing he pulled the long curtains on my windows down. The curtains fell onto the air register. I right away went to the curtain plus draped it back over my curtain holder since I was afraid that the heat from the furnace, that was coming out of the air register, was going to set the curtain on fire. I made sure that nothing is near the air registers to avoid any potential dangers.