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Want an media air cleaner for the home

There’s nothing that I hate more than a dirty home plus I know it has to do with my obsessive compulsive disorder; My OCD started when I was working at a housecleaning business.

I worked there for about five years plus cleaned thousands of homes.

I don’t miss the back chopping work plus waking up the next day with a sore body, even though I do miss the amount of money that I used to make. And I absolutely don’t miss cleaning toilets either! When I was a cleaner I cleaned a lot of nice homes. I’ve realized that the homes that had media air cleaners installed in them were much cleaner. There was less hair, plus dust on furniture plus floors. The homes that didn’t have media air cleaners I could absolutely tell the difference. There was an increase of dust in the home. I could also tell that the air quality was cleaner as well. The homes that would have media air cleaners I would keep track on what types plus what brands these owners had. It seemed like a lot of them had media air cleaners that were portable, they could be moved from room to room plus I’m sure that the purifiers would work best based upon a particular square footage. By seeing the difference on homes with plus without media air cleaners I made the decision to purchase my own. I have had my media air cleaner for about 3 years now since purchasing it while I was working as a cabin cleaner plus I have to say it’s the best investment I’ve ever made!

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