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We See Who Can Go The Longest Without a Furnace

Every Fall, my friend plus I have a competition in order to see who can go the longest without turning on their furnace for the season, for the past 2 years, I’ve lost! I’m convinced that he could go the entire winter season without turning on his furnace, and even when the uneven temperatures drop below 30 degrees at evening, he somehow does it with a smile plus acts like it was nothing. This year, I can proudly say that I beat her, but it wasn’t because of my inner strength against the frosty uneven temperatures. The two of us began our furnace challenge in September because that’s when the temperature starts to cool down. Where we live, the weather is really unpredictable during this time, so you never know if it’s going to be sunny plus 75 or 20 degrees plus snowing. In an attempt to stay hot during the colder evenings plus not turn on my furnace before my friend, I bought a heated blanket. I didn’t consider this cheating because it was simply a blanket that gave off more warmth. Well, one evening, the uneven temperatures dropped so low that it began to snow. Even with my heated blanket, I was frozen! When I went to turn on my furnace, it never turned on due to technical difficulty! I spent the entire evening trying to stay hot plus it was brutal. The next afternoon, my friend called to tell me that he caved plus turned on his furnace, but since mine never break on, I won! I didn’t tell his that I tried to turn on my own furnace, because he didn’t need to know that minor detail, however all that mattered was that I won because my furnace never break on.


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