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They showed up at the wrong house

Sunday was my day of relaxation, or as I liked to call it, Sunday Funday.

After being tied up all week I was looking forward to nothing more than kicking back and relaxing.

I stayed in my pajamas all day and snacked on some sweet treats. While eating the treats I decided to top it off by putting on my favorite cable show. All was going well until about 30 minutes into the program. I had a honestly loud and unexpected knock at the door. I was not expecting anybody, and when the knocking came again harder and louder than the first time it caught me by surprise. Who is knocking so loudly and messing up my Sunday? I answered the door and saw that it was guy dressed in a labor uniform, he appeared to be a heating plus A/C professional and behind him in my driveway his heating and cooling system van was parked. He informed me that he was here to service the a/c and with the door only cracked open I told him that I had not called anyone to service the cooling system. He apologized and gave me the address of the guy he was looking for and I directed him to my neighbor’s house four houses down the street. He left after that and I used my own heating and cooling system to set the perfect temperature to add to a fantastic day.


cooling workman