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Seeing there was a lot of dirt on my air return vent and needed to change air filter

My hubby and I have been residing in our attractive condo for about 20 years now.

There needs to be a lot of updating to it however my hubby is not genuinely handy, for example my associate and I had a doorknob split and my hubby didn’t get to it until two years later. There are times where I feel like when things split he doesn’t care. Therefore a lot of the chores and repairs are put on me, but i try to service as much as I can however other times I just let the professionals service it. For example our air return vent is between our basement and the stairs going to our first floor. I walked by it various times and didn’t seem to notice how dirty the vent was until one day I was carrying groceries up the stairs and I felt something fly into my face. It was a small ball of dust. I had no idea how to open the air return vent and I told my hubby however he forgot about it. I was tired of waiting for it to be cleaned out so I called our local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist and he came and cleaned the vent and upgraded the air filter. I had no idea that our air filter was in our air return vent; He said it was severely dirty and it looked like it had not been change for a genuinely long time. I was so embarrassed to hear that; Now I make sure to call my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist every 3 months for him to upgrade our air filter.


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