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Where my heating and cooling expert friend is

I need to call my buddy Matt in the States and see if he is still going to move out here like he said he was a couple of months ago.

  • My flatmate looks to be moving out soon and now would be the perfect time for Matt to move in with me.

But he can be sketchy, so counting on him is not always the best choice to make. I think I just need to call him and see what he is thinking so I can come up with a plan of attack. My flatmate is an HVAC pro and is relocating to another town to go work for this local contractor who specializes in radiant floor heating installations. She has been a good roommate but nothing lasts forever, and hopefully Matt moves in and takes her place. But moving overseas for a heating worker like him is scary because he doesn’t think he can find HVAC tech work over here like he did in the States. I know that a quick phone call can calm down his worries and help us come up with a solution, so later today I will give him a call and see what we can come up with. He works a lot on a/c systems and oil furnaces and I know that there is work here for him if he can make the trip over. Maybe he could just do a three month visit and see how it goes with the job hunt over here. We will talk later in my climate controlled office.


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