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Four hours of climate control inside

I will keep working slow and steady today so I can get done in time to hit the beach for the fireworks later.

There is a big festival today and this town is once again going to explode with tourists.

There will be a lot of parties later on and then when the sun goes down they will put on a big fireworks display. It should be a fun time and I am going to visit my friend Mary at the wine store where they all hang out and chat. They speak Spanish so the local business is going to be my teacher later as I try to absorb what the HVAC techs are saying. They are all in the industry and meet up at this place each week to hang out and drink a little red wine. I like Mary so I will go there and just listen to them talk while trying to talk a bit with her. She likes me after meeting at the HVAC business one day, but my Spanish needs some work as my learning has been cooling down due to my laziness. I think Mary could help teach me the language but I need her to trust me first as she doesn’t really know who I am. Even though we’ve met several times at the HVAC company, she hasn’t been able to talk to me much. I think if I had about three months practice with Mary I would finally have a grip on this language. The cooling workman where I work has helped me a lot over the years with Spanish.

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