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Ten in the morning cleaning the air conditioning device filter

I am on the tail end of a freezing that has lasted about five days only, so I am pretty grateful that the thing went away so fast.

I am not grateful for the news of the sub imploding the other day with five people on board trying to go look at the Titanic wreck.

I feel the thing had a carbon fiber hull plus it didn’t hold up to the drastic pressure of the water at a depth of almost 2 miles down. I’m sure it was really startling when the people inside realized what was happening, but my heating worker buddy told me that they entirely had a minute or two where they knew they were going to die, something my fine friend and I talked about while toiling at the heating plus cooling corp the other day. Imagine being down 2 miles underwater when some leaks start to Spring into your sub, knowing that within a short time your sub was going to implode on you. My Heating plus Air Conditioning worker friend told me that once the implosion started they only had a second or two left; The local business owner told me that she would never go down that far in a sub because the pressure is just way too much. I’m sure they had a fun time on the way down but once they got to the point of no return plus things started to go awful that fun would suddenly turn into terror. Well, my air conditioning device system is calling my name to come disinfect the HEPA filter but I will say a silent prayer for these awful adventurers who are lost forever.


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