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Looking for heating and cooling system work

This week I need to push myself and get my labor done so I can love the rest of the afternoon.

I will take a week off next week to clear my mind and rest and then the week after that I am going on a huge job hunt.

My job is ending soon and I need to find another one that earns me at least $500 a month, something that shouldn’t be that difficult to do in the grand scheme of things. I know if I labor on it for a week I can find that type of income. Heating and cooling system labor is what I do and I know there are a lot of jobs out there that pay that kind of money for an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker like me. I can also try to ramp up our songs playing in the streets and earn some money that way too. This local supplier where my friend and I play is usually genuinely busy and playing in their weather conditions controlled place usually earns us about $100 a evening. So I know if my friend and I play three times a week I could make enough to cover my bills for the month. The air conditioner system in the place is great on tepid Summer afternoons and during the winter season they even have a nice fireplace to keep us sizzling while my friend and I play our songs for the crowds. I know if I genuinely labor on it I can live off of the money I make from songs and get a lot better in the process. Let’s see what happens.

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