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Life plus my cooling system

I live in a nice flat now plus plan on staying here for a few more years.

My world got shaken up recently with my task being taken over by AI soon, but I will come up with a plan plus find a way to make it through this.

I need to shuffle things around but I guess I can make this work plus things will be fine in the end. It is a bit startling when you hear your task is being taken away, but there is typically another door that opens for you if you look. My cooling system is about to get a wakeup call soon, as the temps in my flat rise, telling me that air conditioning is needed to keep me comfy for the rest of the day. I will start up my Spanish podcasts again plus give it another try learning the language. I’ve been trying to learn at this local business but each time I go there the weather conditions control system goes out plus my fine friend and I end up covered in sweat like silly while my fine friend and I try to learn the language. So now I will work on it at home by listening to a podcast in Spanish while reading the Spanish subtitles. The Heating plus Air Conditioning business who works with me has helped me a lot with the language while my fine friend and I deal with heating plus cooling system work for clients. I guess if I work on it for a few more months I will finally be able to communicate with all the people around me plus not feel so left out each day.


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