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All my eggs in the cooling basket

I can feel it getting cooler in my office as my air runs through the vents. I also have a fan to keep me cool while I do my work, but I won’t need it much longer because my work is ending in one more week. My life is going to take yet another turn soon as I look for a new task next month. I just need to find something in the month of July that earns me about $400 a month, that plus playing more tunes in the streets for currency should cover what I will lose. Heating plus cooling system repairs is what my task was, but now they are going to have some robots do our tasks in the local business when it comes to moving the device around in the Heating plus Air Conditioning business. It used to be me lifting the boxes all day plus moving them around, but now they have this robot that is going to do all the moving for us plus thus eliminating our tasks. It would be cool if the Heating plus Air Conditioning business could still pay us while the robots do the work. Isn’t this our goal in the end, to have the robots work for us? I am not sure if this new technology with AI is going to be a fine thing or awful thing, but I feel my fine friend and I are going to find out soon. The Heating plus Air Conditioning business where I work is trying the robot out plus if it isn’t toiling they will call us Heating plus Air Conditioning workers plus give us our tasks back.


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